About the business of LNS

At LNS Co., Ltd., in a spirit that does not take common sense as common sense
We thoroughly develop products from the customer's perspective.
As a result, we can develop with novel and novel ideas that 
cannot be realized by competitors.
It is possible to provide the customer with the solution.
Customers say that although they were confused at first, 
they couldn't let go of it because of the unprecedented experience.
We have received the most.
Without being overwhelmed by this, 
Always doubting common sense and pursuing what customers want
We will work on product development.

Based on long Experience

LNS Co., Ltd. was founded in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo about 19 years ago.
At the time of its founding, it was a period of high growth, so
I heard that it was an era when you could sell things if you made them.
Similarly, our company just pursued productivity and 
worked on manufacturing to increase sales.
However, the times have changed, and it is no longer possible to meet 
the needs of customers with such manufacturing.
Our company has also fallen to the point of bankruptcy.
At that time, from the beginning in our corporate philosophy, 
we will return to our original intentions and 
thoroughly meet the needs of our customers.
With the voice of trying to start over, 
we have acquired an attitude of doubting common sense.
At first, there were many cases where it was difficult to accept 
it because of its unusual and novel appearance.
By continuing to make steady efforts, 
we will gradually gain the understanding of our customers.
As a result, we have reached the present.
What was said to be eccentric is now standard
This fact is the result of our many years of success and failure.
The fact that we have been developing with the attitude of 
pursuing what is really good for our customers
I am convinced that it is a big factor.

Main Business Scope

LNS Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of services.
  • Semiconductor Machine
  • Semiconductor Machine Main Unit
  • Maintenace
  • Electronic・Electrical Parts

AMT CMP、CVD、PVD、EBARA CMP、Novellus CVD、SpeedFam-IPEC CMP equipments
Refurbishment、Relocation、Sales of Parts
Developing Cleaning Machine、Sulfuric Acid Thinning Machine、Developing Machine、
Developer、Loader、Stepper、Reloation of LCD Machine
Semiconductor Machine parts processing and precision machine parts processing Business.

We mainly export and import IT products and electronic parts, 
with the best quality and optimal price.
It is a company established to provide customers 
with products with the shortest delivery time.