◆CMP Process Machine
 ー AMAT (Mirra) Stand alone Type and On-trak Cleanning Machine and
 ー Mirra Mesa Series Modification、 DNS Corporate’S AS-2000 Relocation
 ー Wafer Type Modificaton(notch→flat Type) and 6 inch→8 inchi Modification
 ー Reflexion LK 300mm Relocation
 ー(EBARA) CMP EPO-113/222、F-REX 200 Series Head Upgrade(Normal→I-Head)、
 ー Size(inch)Modification、Relocation→Supply of processes and parts
 ー F-REX 300mm S1/S2 Relocation

◆ION Implanter
 ー SEN(Axcelis NOVA)Machine:NV-GSD HE/LE inch Modification
 ー Used Machine Refurbish、Relocation、Supply of Parts 
 ー VARIAN Machine:E220(500)、E1000、120XP Provision of consumable parts
   and overhaul of parts
 ー Used Machine Refurbish、Relocation

◆PVD/CVD/RTP Process Machine
 ー (Endura5500)Relocation and Chamber Upgrade
 ー (Centura5200)、(Producer) Chamber Upgrade
 ー (Mattson) SHS2000、2800 Modification and Reloaction
 ー Parts Repair and production・supply

◆Measuring Machine(Hitachi SEM)、(Therma-Wave)、(KLA-TENCOR)
 ー S-8820、8840、9200 Model Modification・Relocation、Supply of Parts
 ー OP 2600, 3290/TP420 Relocation、AIT-XP’s parts supply

◆Etcher Process Machine
 ー Hitachi M501, 502, 602A Used Machine Refurbish、Modification、Relocation
 ー P5000,Centura5200 DPS, DPS +Chamber Upgrade and Relocation
 ー LAM TCP9600, Rainbow Series Refurbish、Size(inch) Modification、Relocation